Are You The Asshole?



Are You The Asshole? (AYTA for short) is a website that uses 3 real AI models to educate users on the effect of biased data in the decision-making abilities of artificial intelligence. It is inspired by Reddit's popular community r/AmITheAsshole, where users post their moral quandaries and ask the commenters whether they were in the wrong—whether they were “the asshole.”

Are You The Asshole creates commenters from three AI text-generation models. These are custom text-generation systems trained on three different sets of data: one that has only ever read r/AmITheAsshole comments that call the poster the asshole, one that only read comments absolving the poster, and one that was privy to a mix. These three models illustrate the wildly different lines of reasoning artificial intelligence can follow when trained on biased information.

When reading the results of a judgement, note the way in which the AI constructs ideas from snippets of human reasoning. Sometimes the AI can produce stunning results, but it is fundamentally attempting to mimic the ways that humans put together arguments. The "judgements" that the different models render do not come from reasoned ideas—they come from recognizing the patterns in human speech. Keep an eye out for the seams.

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