Are You The Asshole?


Keeping the site alive

The initial response to this site was absolutely incredible, and it was successful beyond our greatest hopes. So successful, in fact, that we need to find a sustaining funding model for to keep the website up without costing us thousands of dollars.

So we have a donate button in place, set at a fixed $2, which goes to us (name on the account: Alexander Petros). When the website receives your payment, we have a mechanism in place to recognize that donation and refill 100 uses of the website for the whole internet. Hopefully you'll be the one to use them, but you'll also be paying it forward for some other people who might not be able to donate. This helps us defray the costs of text generation (considerable) and the server (cheap).

We've done our best to make sure that the payment hooks work properly, but software is fallible. On the site, you can see the number of uses that are left. We cannot guarantee that your donation will be reflected in the site at the time of your donation, or ever. But, in practice, the payments seem to go through within seconds. If you donate and don't think your donation was reflect in the usage count, or something went wrong and you didn't get to use it, just DM us on Twitter and we'll do our best to make it right.

If you think that's a ripoff or a scam somehow, totally fine! Just don't donate. But we wanted a way to leave it up indefinitely so we're trying a funding model that fits the spirit of the project. Maybe nobody will use it. We'll see!

—Alex and Morry

Special projects

The main site is provided free of charge, for your use however you see fit, with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. If you would like to use the model for some special project in which donating to refill the public uses won't suffice, contact us and we can work something out.