Are You The Asshole?



Describe a situation in which you may or may not have been the one at fault. The AI will tell you who's in the right, and why.

Try the subreddit if you need some inspiration.

Are you the asshole for...

Are you the asshole?

AYTA is a project created by WTTDOTM and Alex Petros and presented by Digital Void. It is a collection of 3 unique AI text generation models trained on posts and comments from r/AmITheAsshole and answers the questions that you've been asking on reddit for years: was my response to this reasonable, or am I the asshole in this situation?

AYTA responses are auto-generated and based on different datasets. The red model has only been trained on YTA responses and will always say you are at fault. The green model has only been trained on NTA responses and will always absolve you. And the white model was trained on the pre-filtered data. Have fun!


Running AI models is not free, but we want it to be accessible to the whole internet indefinitely. So you can donate exactly $2 to generate 100 usages of it for everyone. More info and disclaimers in the funding section.

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